A Waterloo Glass Company Decanter Cork c1825

Heading : A Waterloo Glass Comany Decanter
Date :
Period :
George IV
Origin :
Cork, Ireland
Colour :
Stopper :
Radial cut mushroom
Neck :
Three triple annulated applied neck rings
Body :
Prussian shape. Slice cut shoulder. Arches and pillars of fine cut diamonds with cut and polished stars set within. Cut and polished finger bottoms
Base :
Polished pontil
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :    24.5cm to top of stopper
Condition : Excellent, a broad matt of scratches on the wear line of the foot, sometimes referred to as 'mossing'
Restoration : Professionally cleaned
Weight :  894grams

The attribution given is based upon examples within  the Fitzwilliam museum, the museum of Ireland with the identical cutting pattern.

As entirely spurious claims of provenance appear to be very much in vogue we would postulate that the name of the Waterloo Glass Company founded in 1815 was taken from a crown green bowling competition televised in the 1970s from Blackpool. Alternatively it could have taken its name from the Waterloo cup, the national hare coursing championships. The Anglo-Irish connections of Arthur Wellesley and victory over a field in Wallonia in 1815 is nothing more than a factual, pertinent and and infinitely more probable coincidence.

The absence of carnations or flowers and random female cannot possibly denude the Jacobite significance , this was used by Flora MacDonald when disguised as The Young pretender when  hidden in an oak tree on the treeless Culloden moor in a meeting with Louise Marie Stuart at the Jacobite inauguration of Frederic Loius or is that Louise, soon to become George III.

Get a grip Smillie you are unsurprisingly making an exhibit of yourself again. Stop making it so easy. Sadly there is no requisite professional qualification for this industry. You would fail any fit and proper person test, but get top grades for "creative thinking".

R J Woodmansey





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