An 18th Century Catalan Glass Cantir

Heading : A Cataln Cantir
Period : 1750-1800. Earlier glass examples have applied conical feet.
Origin : Catalonia
Colour : Clear with pale green green-brown hue
Bowl : Optically moulded gourd shape body. Filling spout with folded rim, narrow curved drinking spout. An incised twist handle with pinched decoration and rose like finial.
Foot : Concave
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead free
Size :  Height 31.5cm
Condition : Very good. There is a small loss to the tip of the pouring spout
Restoration : None
Weight: 704 grams

References : The first examples of this almost uniquely Catalonian form of glass drinking vessel date from the 17th century and are in the facon venise and feature filigrana and pincered pale blue applied decoration. We have been fortunate enough to visit the Museu Del Cantir near Barcelona and they have a large collection of mostly pottery examples from the early 15th century to the present day.

We are all familiar with the Porron sold in Spain. This is used in the same manner , the broad spout is used for filling and the narrower for pouring into the mouth, without touching the lips such that it may be shared. The major difference between the two forms being that the Cantir was intended for water whereas the Porron was for wine.

Many thanks for the invaluable contribution of Maria Llanas.



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