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Very Rare 18th Century French Annular Flask With Portrait Prunts

Heading : A very rare annular flask
Period : Louis XV
Date : 1715-1774
Origin : Most probably Orleans
Colour : Clear. There are iron oxine inclusions within the neck pierces centre
Pontil : Snapped pontil scar on base
Glass Type : Soda-lime -potash
Size :   16cms tall
Restoration : None. The base is heavily mossed and there is a flake chip in the rim
Weight : 

The Genoese Bernardo Perroto establish a glasshouse in Orleans in 1662 having first practiced his craft in Nevers. One of the processes that won him acclaim was the casting of glass portraits. This "lifebuoy" bottle has six prunts that carry the portrait of Louis XV, the beloved King. Many of these portraits are known, and many were made after Bernard Perrot passed away in 1709. There is such a portrait of Louis XIV in the Louvre.

The portrait in this case is Louis XV. A similar flask with fleur-de-lis prunts may be found on page 164 of The Decanter, An Ilustrated history of glass. We can only assume that this was made during the reign of Louis XV. We have also seen an Orleans wine rinser with identical prunts dated c1720 within a private collection.

May we thank the Louvre for their extensive assistance with this and Mr C Jowitt for sight of the wine rinser.






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