A Very Tall Modified Cruciform Decanter Bottle c1740

Heading : 18th century cruciform decanter bottle
Date : c1740
Period : George II
Origin : England
Colour : Clear, grey blue hue
Neck : Quadruple annulated neck ring or string ring
Body : Modified Criciform
Pontil : Snapped    
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 21cm tall
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 1245 grams

Cruciform decanters were never stoppered with glass, they were corked. They may also have been intended for sparkling wines and cider. The latter may undergo a secondary malolactic fermentation in the bottle to yield some effervescence. This may account for the thick glass and sturdy nature of cruciform decanters. The string ring on a cruciform in the context of sparkling wines is therefore analgous to those found on wine bottles, a device to which string could be bound in order to restrain a cork. 

This is the largest example we have seen.

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