A Four Bottle Sheffield Plate Georgian Decanter Frame c1810

Heading : A Four-Bottle Sheffield Plate Decanter Frame
1800 -1820
Period : 
George III
Origin : 
The frame is old Sheffield Plate.
Colour : 
Silver frame and green glass bottles, three with gilt lettering.
Stopper :  
Facet-cut ball stoppers
Square bottles with canted corners and facet cut shouldersthe rum bottle and the unmarked bottle have replacement metal collars.
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  The bottles are 18.5 cm tall;
 the frame is 28.5 cm in height to the top of the handle
Condition : The unmarked bottle has a crack in the shoulder which continues down the entire length of the corner to the base. In spite of this, however, it does not leak. Some fritting around the bases of the other bottles. The frame is sound but there is some tarnishing on the upper faces of the base panels on which the bottles sit. There is a small chip to one of the stoppers
Restoration : The interiors of all bottles have been professionally cleaned
Weight :  3385 grams in total

Notes : Brandy, Rum and Gin the holy trinity, plus one spare. This is the first four-bottle decanter set that we have offered for sale. There are some issues as detailed about, but it is a genuine rarity nonetheless.



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