A Late 18th or Early 19th Century Glass Bitters Bottle

Heading : A Late 18th or Early 19th Century Glass Bitters Bottle
Date : 1780- 1830
Period : George III-Victoria
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Neck : Slice cut
Body : Engraved with 'Bitters' set within a foliate border with printie cuts below
Glass Type : Lead

Size : 20.5cm tall
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight :  516grams


Additional Information :


Nowadays in Britain we  associate bitters with pink gin and cocktails. In the 18th and 19th century these herbal fermented concoctions were added to fortified wines to introduce some balance. Port, Canary wine, Madeira, Sack, Moscatel, Sherry, Marsala...all were  tooth achingly sweet. The addition of quinine bitters was both a remedial against malaria and gave balance to the fortified wine.


Bitters in Roman times were exclusively medicinal, however, many countries have developed bitters in one of many forms. German Kummerling ( or just kummel), the now fashionable Jagermeister, the hair of the dog that is Underberg, Swiss Suze,  Dutch Beerenberg, Fernet Branca from Italy are all "bitters" and are mostly drunk as an aperatif.


In Normandy France I was introduced to "Picon" a delicious bitters that is drunk with beer. This is definitely worth seeking out, it is delicious.






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