A Bristol Blue Gilded Brandy Decanter c1790

Heading : A Bristol Blue Gilded Brandy Decanter
Period :
George III
Origin :
England and  possibly Bristol
Colour :
Cobalt blue
Stopper :
Gilded lozenge
Body :
Club shape
Base :
A broad shallow polished pontil
Glass Type : "Smalt" nlue
Size :    23.9cm to top of stopper
Condition : Excellent. There is an excellent ring of wear on the base. A little rubbing to the gilding and a scratch within the cartouche. Small chips on the spigot
Restoration : None
Weight :  380grams

There is also a strong possibility that this was also manufactured in Bristol. If the scratch and gilding loss and chips on the spigot do not appeal then there are multiple early 20th century replicas available on online auction sites in mint condition. They will invariably have very small ovoid polished pontils the size of a penny that do not cover the entire base and are literally a paler imitation. Some early and all mid 19th century examples have polished pontils that are smaller than their ancestors but still have a greater expanse than the 25-30mm early 20th century reproductions, the colour is also more intense.

Obviously the genuine 18th and early 19th century example is at a premium to 20th century copies. Sadly there are no rules nor laws covering erroneous descriptions and obvious malfeasance in the antiques business. If this were the case we would be "Smillie-ing" and making an Exhibit of of theft, fraud and deception" *

There exists tomes of evidence and archeaological evidence to support the term Bristol Blue. The smalt imported by Cookworthy was used extensively by glass makers within the city. There is no evidence at all to corroborate the term Bristol Green.


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