A Georgian Mallet Decanter with Gilding for Hollands c1800

Heading A Georgian Mallet Decanter with Gilding for Hollands c1800
Date : 1780-1820
Period :
 George III
Origin : 
Colour : 
: Lozenge-shaped; gilt foliate design and the last vestiges of a letter H - also scratch-marked with numeral 10, to match the body
 : three applied annular rings below a flat-topped, round-edged lip and rim
mallet shaped - slight tapering towards the base; gilded foliate design around a navette with HOLLANDS to the centre; further gilding between the lower two rings to the neck, and around the top rim
Base :
A polished pontil; incised numeral 10 as above
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :    23.5 cm to top of stopper
Condition : Excellent; no chips, cracks or flakes; gilding varies from perfect to worn on the neck rim; minor manufacturing deformations to two neck rings they are handmade and not perfectly round; minor bubble inclusions to the body and mossing to the base
Restoration : 
Weight :
 507 grams


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