18th Century Glass Tincture c1775


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Heading : Georgian tincture
Period : George II – c1745
Origin : Northern Europe probably France
Colour : Clear with good grey hue
Bowl : Drawn conical
Stem : Plain with air tear
Foot : Folded conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead free
Size :  10.2cm height. 3.6cm diameter bowl. 5cm diameter foot
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight: 41 grams

Additional Information : Miniature glasses are well documented throughout the 18th century. however finding one is a rare occurrence. Such glasses are ofter referred to as being for the purpose of taking “tinctures”  and herbal remedies made from the infusion of pretty much anything in strong alcohol. These contained all manner of exotica my personal favourite being one for gout that contained spermaceti namely the ear wax of a sperm whale. I thought ambergris was bad enough.

There are some tinctures worth trying such as “Aqua Mirablis”. Dr Johnson wrote that the ingredients were cardomon. cloves. cubeb ( peppercorns). cloves. ginger. mace. nutmeg and galangal soaked in spirit of wine. We tried this with “basics” brandy and poured the whole bottle  into a kilner jar and onto half an ounce each of all the dry ingredients and a whole peeled and chopped ginger root. This was agitated every day for ten days and then strained through muslin into a serving bottle.  May I say what a fine after dinner drink this made following a curry. The perfect “miracle water”


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