Catalan or Spanish Càntir Water Jug – 18th century


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Heading : Catalan or Spanish Càntir

Date : 18th century
 : Catalonia or Spain
 : Pale green
 : Free-blown contiguous hollow body and foot. waisted to form rudimentary stem; two applied spouts at top. with base of missing ring handle showing evidence of blue trailing; body and spouts decorated with somewhat crudely applied white trailed latticino threads both internally and externally; 
Glass Type : Lead-free
Size : 17.4 cm in height; 8.8 cm wide between extremities of two spouts; 5.8 cm diameter base
Condition : Seemingly intact other than the missing ring-handle which would once have been affixed to the top
Restoration : None
 : 106g

Notes : Larger ceramic or earthenware versions of these vessels were for utilitarian day to day use. whereas the glass versions such as this example were generally for display or ceremonial purposes – particularly christenings for the latter; we are advised that subtle differences in the shape of the aperture on the wider of the two spouts were pertinent to the gender of the child that was being welcomed in to the church.



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