Inner Temple Sealed Wine Bottle c1820

Heading : Inner Temple sealed wine bottle 
Date : c1820
Period :  Regency
Origin : England
Colour : Olive green
Neck : Long slightly bulbous with tooled lip
Body : Cylindrical 
Pontil : Snapped - deep kick up 
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 29.4cm height
Condition : One small chip to lip
Restoration : None 
Weight : 803 grams

The Inner Temple's history begins with the Knights Templar moving from their original temple in Holborn to a new one on the banks of the Thames. The first lawyers moved into the temple in the 13th century but, sadly, very little survives from this time as during the Peasants Revolt in 1381 Wat Tyler and his followers sacked the Temple and destroyed most of the records and pulled down a number of buildings. The history of the Temple is not merely medieval. That other great destroyer of London, the Blitz, destroyed both the Hall and the clocktower.

Reference: Antique Sealed Bottles and the Families Who Owned Them by David Burton Pg. 1160 

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