Georgian Pedestal Stem Sweetmeat Glass c1750

Heading : Georgian Pedestal Stem Sweetmeat Glass 
Date : c1750
Period : George II
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : A round funnel shaped bowl, moulded with eight ribs, each of which is notch-cut along its full extent other than the bottom 15mm or so; also has 
a notch cut rim
Stem : Pedestal with eight slice cuts below an angular knop, and with four compressed annular basal knops; contains a large tubular tear
Foot : Domed and rib-moulded with notch cuts around the rim
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 17.8 cm tall with a 9.4 cm bowl and an 10.1 cm foot  
Condition : Some tiny bubbles and inclusions to the bowl; mossing to the underside of the foot, and an arc of very small, gritty inclusions and bubbles around half of the circumference as if the glass was placed on a dirty surface when still viscid during manufacture; a small trail of bubbles within the basal knops
Restoration : None
Weight : 445 grams

Additional Information : Excellent and most unusual cutting techniques to both bowl and foot. 



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