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A Georgian Cut Glass Two Piece Bowl c1835

Heading : A superb cut glass two piece bowl
Date : 1820-1850
Period :  George III- Victoria
Origin : England
Colour : Clear with grey-blue fue
Bowl : Turn-over rim. Hob nail diamonds decorated with with strawberry diamonds. Alternating clear and fine diamond cut arches. The base of the bowl is mitre cut and is received by the female base
Pontil : 32 point star cut and polished base on foot. The base of the bowl has a broad polished pontil
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 21cm tall, 35cm bowl, 16.5cm foot
Condition : Restored. Some inclusions within the glass
Restoration :
The base of the bowl and the underside of the rims have been polished to remove fritting and scratches. This was undertaken by basil Loveridge glass restoration.
Weight : 5600g

Reference: See "The hallmarks of antique glass"- R Wilkinson figures 36b and 37

Fold over rims are usually associated with Irish origins despite the fact that they were deployed by English glass houses in the early 19th century. The cutting is too elaborate and complex to be Irish in origin. The cutting shops in Warrington, Widnes and Manchester produced the most oustanding cut glass in the early 19th century.

We have two examples both of almost indentical size (within 2mm height) and weight. The cutting on both adheres to the same design. Both have been restored to the same exemplary standard. They display superbly well and are the most magnificent pieces of Georgian Regency cut glass tableware that we have offered for sale


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