Substantial Spanish or Catalan Gilded 18th Century Glass Goblet c1775


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Heading : Substantial Gilded 18th Century Goblet – Spanish or Catalan
Period : c1775
Origin : Spain or most probably Catalonia
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Cup-shaped with flared and gilded rim; petal moulded to the lower third
Stem : A solid blade merese and angular knop immediately below the bowl; this section then sits on a short connecting collar and a large hollow egg-shaped knop which has blown-moulded ribs. above a pair of broad annular knops; this mid-section then sits on the foot
Foot : A broad. flanged foot with moulded ribs running down over the shoulder and on to the rim
Pontil : snapped
Glass Type : potash
Size : 23.3 cm tall – 8.5 cm diameter rim – 12 cm diameter foot
Condition : Excellent – no chips. cracks or flakes; the nature of the glass used means that there are a myriad of inclusions – small bubbles along with mineral/silicate deposits ranging from pinpricks to 1mm or so in size; there are manufacturing whorls around the bowl. and a couple of larger bubbles – one blistered but not burst – to the egg-shaped knop
Restoration : none
Weight: 398 grams

Notes : This glass has been in our possession for some time. as it has proved elusive to identify definitively; finally. in concert with experts in Passau. Germany and Spain. we were pointed in the direction of the publication referenced below. which supported our initial hypothesis that it was of Spanish or Catalan origin. and dated to the second half of the 18th century; this is based on the nature of the glass material itself. the style of the moulding and the form of the foot. all of which are sufficiently similar to other catalogued items to enable us to make the assertions presented above.

References : Zerbrechliche Kostbarkeiten – Spanisches Glas von Renaissance bis Barock (Knauf-Museum. Iphofen – 2011) – translates as Fragile Treasures – Spanish Glass from Renaissance to Baroque – pp 110-111 et seq

Our sincere thanks to Maria Llanas for her concerted efforts on our behalf. and to Horst Ungar who initially confirmed our theory that the glass was of Iberian extraction

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