Hollow Stem Dutch or German Roemer c1765


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Heading : A Dutch or German roemer
Period :
Origin :
Dutch Republic or northern Germany
Colour :
Wald glass green
Bowl :
Cup shaped. open to stem
Stem :
Short cylinder with milled band and raspberry prunts
Foot :
Spun. coiled onto a wooden former
Pontil :
Glass Type :
Forest glass
Size : 
13.0cm height.  5.2 cm diameter bowl. 7.1cm diameter foot 
Condition : 
Excellent. no chips or cracks 
Restoration : 

References :An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass By Harold Newman – Page 264.

Rummers and Goblets by Stephen Parry – Page 8 Plate 1.

 Very similar examples in the Rijksmuseum are dated 1760-1770 and Henkes methodology is also consistent in returning a date range of 1760-1790




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