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18th Century Diamond Moulded Liege Wine Glass

Heading : An 18th century Liege wine glass with torsinee ( twisted) stem
Date : 1710-1760
Origin :
Liege, Belgium
Colour : Clear with pink hue from over-doping the glass
Bowl : A round funnel bowl with a band of diamond moulding above rib moulding
Stem : Torsinee, "Twisted"
Foot : Conical and folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Soda
Size : 13.3cm tall with a 6.7cm bowl and a 6.7cm foot
Condition : Very good, one chip on the rim as shown, the glass has a slight lean
Restoration : None
Weight : 67 grams

Doping the glass wither permanganate was a means to give the glass a darker appearance and remove green of pale yellow tones. In this case a little too much was added to the melt


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