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Pair of 18th Century Gilded Wine Glasses

Heading : Pair of engraved and gilded wine glasses
Date : 1775-1800
Origin : Bohemia or possibly Spain
Colour : Clear & gold
Bowl : A round funnel bowl
with an encapsulated air tear in the base. Engraved with a floral spray then gilt.
Stem : Bobbin stem
Foot : Conical, folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Soda
Size : 15.2cm tall with a 6.5cm bowl and a 6.6cm foot
Condition : One glass had a burst air bubble at the base of the bowl

Restoration : None
Weight : 194 grams combined

The asymmetric design leads us to assume that this was gilded in Spain, however we have been unable to locate any bobbin stems produced by the manufactory. On balance they are most probably Bohemian and documented bobbin stems attributed to Bohemian manufacture date from the late 18th century.

The lack of uniformity in the stems is most noticeable, both the size of each ball knop and the spacing.The pucella marks or tooling marks are most pronounced

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