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Tall Engraved European Glass Beaker c1775

Heading : An engraved Bohemnain glass beaker
Date : 1750-1800
Origin : Central Europe, probably Bohemia
Colour : Clear
Body : Conical blown moulded with rounded vertical panels. Wheel engraved with a zip-zag band above a horizontal cut band with vertical cuts to outline engraved decoration
Pontil : Concave base with snpped pontil scar
Glass Type : Soda lime
Size : 17.3 tall, 13cm wide, 7.2cm base
Condition : Excellent. Some seeds and 'stones' within the glass. Wear to the base
Restoration : None
Weight : 267 grams

Large beakers were made in Nuremberg and Bohemia from the 16th century. This exaple is quite moderate in size compared to some. There is a very large diamond point engraved and dated exampe with the Victoria and Albert from the late 16th century. Early exampes are straight sided with  disc foot. There are some later waisted examples with flared rims and prunts that resemble roemer glasses.

This tapered example is from the second half of the 18th century. The capacity is a little over a quart !


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