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Bohemian Goblet With Gilded Ruby Gold Medallion c1730

Heading : A Bohemian Glass Goblet
Date : c1730
Origin : Bohemia
Colour : Clear with a gilded runy glass medallion
Bowl : Thistle shaped with intaglio cut flowers and other polished devices
Stem : Annulated collar above an annular knop, facet cut inverted baluster knop, a faceted ball knop a double blade knop above a plain stem section
Foot : Flat. This is a museum replacement
Pontil : None
Glass Type :
Size : 22.5cm tall, 9.7cm bowl, 10.2cm foot
Condition : Soda lime
Restoration : see below
Weight : 421 gms

Everything below the double blade knop including the short plain stem section and the entire foot is a modern replacement. The upper blade knop of the pair acts as a "gluebit " to adjoin the original elements of the glass. There is a vacant cartouche and a matching ruby glass medallion may be missing.

This was clearly valued highly enough to have the foot and short length of stem made to replace the damged elements. We have asked our restorer to estimate the cost of such work and his advice was in the region for £150 plus. In pristine condition for a goblet of this stature one could reasonable expect an auction value of £800- £1000


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