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Dutch Republic Of Seven United Provinces Goblet c1750

Heading : Engraved wine glass
Date : c1750
Origin : Glücksburg, Saxony, Germany.
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Conical, engraved with a tree bearing the coats of arms of the Seven provencies of the Netherlands
Stem : Solid facet cut shoulder knop above multiple scale cut knops, one of which contains an air tear.
Foot : Conical and folded with cut decoration
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Soda
Size : Height 20cm, bowl 8.4cm, foot 9.7cm
Condition : Fine. The bowl is not scratched, this is a fine line of inclusions from manufacture
Restoration : None
Weight : 306 grams

Additional Information : The "scalloped" scale cutting is invariably attributed to the Glücksburger hutte (Glucksburg glass house). Gisele Haase in Sachsiches glass and a very similar example in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg and the glass museum Passau are all attributed to Glucksburg.

The orange tree is most probably a reference to William IV becoming stadtholder in 1747. There are many similar Saxon glasses bearing William IV's armorial. They mark a period of nationalistic fervour when the Republic was anticipating war. This may explain why so many glasses are dedicated to William IV despite his short reign (1747-1751). The orange tree is the symbol of the House of Orange and it bears the armorials of the Seven Provinces. It is worth noting that the two lions rampant of Guelders has taken the central "status" position as it is the only duchy of all the provinces. Surprisingly the single lion rampant of Holland had far less status and this is relegated in relative position within the structure.


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