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An 18th Century Wine Glass Liege c1730

Heading : 18th century Liege wine glass
Date :
Origin :
Liege, Belgium
Colour :
Bowl :
Pointed round funnel with nut moulding
Stem :
Incised twist shoulder and cushion knops
Foot :
Conical and folded
Pontil :
Glass Type :
Size :16 cm tall,  6.5 cm bowl and 7.5 cm foot

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  90 grams

These glasses are successors of thinner verres de fougère produced in France, the Southern Netherlands and probably even in England. In the Low Countries they were made to enjoy Burgundy wine. This was imported from Burgundy via the river Meuse. It is believed that the barges returned to France loaded with Nizet glasses from Liège. It seems that they were very popular within the regions and this goes some way to explain why many of these glasses reside within French collections.

These glasses are called "verres fraisés". When filled with Burgundy wine, which was probably of a lighter red than now, the bowls do indeed have a resemblance to strawberries!

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