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An Engraved Double Knop Air Twist Wine Glass c1750

Heading : A double knop air twist stem wine glass with engraved bowl
Period : George II
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Engraved with vine leaves and polished fruits
Stem : Multi series air twist with a flattened ball and angular knops
Foot : Conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  Height 15.3cms, bowl 5.1cms, foot 6.2cms diameter
Condition : Very good.
Restoration :
The underside of the foot has been polished prior to our temporary custodianship
Weight: 136g


Eric Knowles Comments

When examining wear on glass please look for irregularity within the scratches and small frits on those parts that are in regularly in contact with a hard surface. The "wear line" on the underside of the foot on a wine glass being the most obvious. There will also be trapped dirt within these scratches that is difficult to remove and cannot be washed out easily.

When the scratches and frits are of uniform thickness, or just two types predominate then the wear has been applied to obfuscate restoration. Restorers will apply wear when asked to do so, some will apply a second layer of wear with emery paper and with polishing stones. Such is the demand for 250 years old glass in "perfect" order and such is the differential in perceived value between the "perfect" and one with genuine wear and a small chip on the foot that memory and integrity become clouded and seriously impugned for some.

We sell perfectly genuine glass, chipped glass, glass constructively restored with resin fills and also glass restored at our behest and glass that arrives in restored condition. We never "forget" to mention this.


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