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Air Twist Georgian Wine Glass Now a Stirrup Cup c1750

Heading : Air twist Georgian wine glass now stirrup cup
Period : George II - c1750
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Round funnel 
Stem : Air twist 
Foot : The original foot has been snapped off and has since been replaced with a brass ferrule to prevent cutting the users hand
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  Height 14.3cms, bowl 5.6cms
Condition : Replaced foot.
Restoration : Replaced foot 
Weight: 94grams

The care taken to keep damaged items in usable condition is a dying art. We all remember Grandma darning socks and sewing patches on jumpers. The greatest exponents of "mend and make do" have to be the Icelandic people. On a recent visit to Rekjavik I was amazed at the standard and extent of repairs made to prized but delicate objects on show in the national museum. Early Chinese porcelain repaired with horse hair a glue, glasses stapled with fine strands of twisted willow, blankets made from generations on knitware. Necessity demands ingenuity.


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