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Pan Topped Mercury Air Twist Wine Glass c1750

Heading : Georgian pan top wine glass c1750
Date : c1750
Period :  George II
Origin : English
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Pan top
Stem Features : Spiral mercury air twist cable
Foot : Conical,
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :
Height 15.6cms, bowl 5.7cms diameter, foot 6.6cms
Condition : Good
Restoration : Two small chips on the underside of the foot have been filled.

Weight : 127g

In perfect condition then £425 - £450 would be achieved. The restoration has brought this glass back to a good standard and the restoration has been factored into the price.

References :

Eighteenth Century English drinking glasses an Illustrated Guide. By L.M Bickerton – Page 161 Plate 431.               

The restoration was undertaken at our request by Tiago Oliveira. The choices were to have the rim of the foot ground down and polished or to have the small chips filled with epoxy resin. We opted for the latter for two reasons. Firstly although the restoration is difficult to observe it becomes obvious with ultra-violet light and the glass maintains its original dimensions.  

When ground and polished restorers go to great lengths to obfuscate this and it is very difficult to detect. This gives the unscrupulous the opportunity to misrepresent restored items, epoxy resin removes this option, unless they grind out the epoxy resin.

There are times, grazes, scratches, clouding and multiple fritts for example when polishing and cleaning is the best solution. For this we use Andrew Knight of Basil Loveridge Glass Restoration the premier restorer used by almost all antique glass dealers in Britain.


Both of these techniques are equally valid and highly skilled. The epoxy resin fill is a little more costly and the dimensions are maintained. Polishing a chip costs a little less but the dimensions do change, for scratches and cloudiness polishing and cleaning are the only options other than doing nothing.

For damaged glass, those that have been broken into multiple pieces, then epoxy resin or Kintsugi, golden repair, is viable and the latter can be very attractive.

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