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Composite Stems

Georgian composite stem wine glasses combine two stem forms one "set in" (above) the other with a knop or collar at the point where the two stem types are adjoined. Thus a single series, air twist section set in a baluster stem becomes a possibility - and a beautiful one at that ! Composite stems always have an air or opaque twist section in combination with a plain stem section, the plain stem section possibly having air tears.

Composites stems in 18th century baluster glasses are both elegant and thus very usable, particularly when the glass has a good-sized drawn trumpet bowl.



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18th Century Composite Stem Wine Glass c1750

18th Century Composite Stem Wine Glass c1750

An antique composite air twist wine glass. The composite stem is one of the rarest forms of 18th century stemware, this example combines the baluster form with the multi spiral air twist with a most aesthetic outcome


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