An 18th Century Composite Stem Wine Glass C1750

Heading : An 18th Century Composite Stem Wine Glass
Period : George II
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear, good grey tone
Bowl : Drawan trumpet
Stem : Multi-series air twist. A ball knop with two rows of air beads above
Foot : Conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  18.2cm height,  7.1cm diameter bowl, 7.5cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : A 2mm flake chip on the underside of the foot has been resin filled at out request. This may only be seen with magnification. This was undertaken by Tiago Oliveira
Weight:  218 grams 

The small resin fill has maintained the integrity of this beautiful glass. It become visible with UV light. This is our preferred method of restoration when justifiable. The original proportions are maintained and it cannot be obfuscated with the application of artificial wear.


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