Commemorative Glass King William Battle Of The Boyne c1990


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Heading : Commemorative Glass King William Battle Of The Boyne
Period :
Origin : 
Colour :
Bowl :
Engraved THE GLORIOUS MEMORY OF KING WILLIAM above an equestrian figure. BOYNE 1st July 1690
Stem :
Foot :
Low conical
Pontil :
Broad polished
Glass Type :
Lead free
Size : 
Height 18.4cms
Condition : 
Excellent. no chips or cracks 
Restoration :
218 grams 

Glasses were produced in Ireland to celebrate the bicentenary in 1890. Our best guess is that this was ordered for the tri-centenary in 1990. This is remarkable in that it has far more integrity than those produced in the late 19th century in Dublin. engraved by Tieze and still to this day being used to deceive and those carrying messages of Williamite support engraved upon 18th century glasses and intended to deceive from outset. This is an obvious modern item with a historic reference.





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