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Jacobite Engraved Plain Stem Wine Glass Engraver B c1750


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Out of stock


Heading : Jacobite engraved plain stem glass
Date : c1750
Period : George II
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : A bell bowl engraved with rose. open and closed buds. and butterfly
Stem : Plain stem
Foot : Conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 16cm tall.   6.5cm bowl and 8cm foot

Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks.  1mm encased “stone” inset fron the foot rim
Restoration : None

Weight : 209 grams

The moth or butterfly represents the returning soul. The contemporary belief was that and Scot who died outside of his homeland will take the low road home and return via a subterranean route. It was a common belief in Britain that the pupae of moths and butterflies were born below ground on the carcasses of the dead and were thus returning souls. For the sake of completeness the high road is a metaphor for remaining alive.

The three engraved inner petals on the rose and the closed bud is that of either engraved B or C according to Seddon. However the the thin stem of the rose leaves continuing into the vein of the leaf is indicative of engraver B.

See: The Jacobites and their drinking glasses- Geoffrey B Seddon p157


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Weight250 g


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