A Jacobite Engraved Two Bud Air Twist Stem Wine Glass c1750 Engraver A

Heading : A Jacobite Engraved Two Bud Air Twist Stem Wine Glass c1750
Period : George II
Origin : England
Colour : Clear, high lead blue tone
Bowl : Drawn trumpet. Engraved with Tudor rose, open and closed rose buds sinister and dexter with an oak leaf and star.
Stem : Multi spiral air twist
Foot : Conical folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  Height 16.6cm, bowl 6.7 and foot 7.0
Condition : Exemplary
Restoration : None
Weight: 137g

References :

This is the work of engraver A according to Geoffrey B Seddon- The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses.


The star is a symbol associated with the young pretender for it was claimed that a new star was discovered at a time coincident with his birth in 1720. This is impossible to verify however with Edmond Halley, Maria and Gottfried Kirch and others scanning the night skies then it is probable that numerous stars as well as comets were observed for the first time.

The oak leaf has been used as a Royal symbol as far back as the Angevins and Plantagenets. In this context it is most probably a reference to Boscobel Oak in which Charles II secreted himself after the battle of Worcester. Charles II was the predecessor and elder brother of James II who was deposed during the Glorious Revolution, the trigger for the sectarian Jacobite 'cause'.

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