Mixed Twist Glass

Mixed twist wine glass stems are the result of combining an opaque twist with an air twist. The enamel threads of an opaque twist may be found outside vertical air cables and vice versa. The Georgian wine glass stem form reaches its zenith when opaque twists and air twists are interwoven. Strands of air may be layered or “banked” onto the surface of an opaque twist single or double corkscrew and interwoven strands of air and enamel encircle the central structure. Mixed twists with coloured enamels are very rare indeed.

As with 18th century Georgian period opaque twists stems we find multiple bowl types on mixed twist glasses. Moulded fluting or standard engraving designs are not uncommon. Domed and folded feet with snapped pontil marks are found on less than one in twenty examples. The beauty in mixed twists is truly in the stem, preferably viewed by candlelight to enhance its refractive properties.

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