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Engraved Newcastle Light Baluster Attributed to Jacob Sang c1770

Heading : Engraved Newcastle Light Baluster
Date : c1770
Period : George III
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : A pointed round funnel bowl engraved with the Arms of William V of Orange Nassau and
Frederike Sophie Wilhelmine, in celebration their marriage in 1767
Stem : An anular knop above a hollow ball knop, an inverted baluster knop containing two rosettes of air beads and a basal knop
Foot : Conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 19.2cm tall with an 8.3cm bowl and an 8.4cm foot   
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 218 grams

Additional Information : A fine light baluster attributed to Jacob Sang

The finely engraved bowl with polished detailing was created for the wedding of William V Prince of Orange Nassau and the last Stadholder of the Dutch Republic (1748-1806) to Frederike Sophie Wilhelmine the Prussian princess (1751 –1820).

The wedding took place in Berlin in 1767 at the instigation of their joint uncle King Frederick II of Prussia. The sixteen years old Wilhelmine met nineteen years old William for the first time on their wedding day.

The French revolutionary government declared war on the Netherlands in 1793 and following invasion the family fled to England where they were to reside at Hampton Court Palace as the guest of George III for some 20 years. During his sojourn in Britain he wrote to all the governors of the Dutch colonies instructing them to hand over control to the British until his rule could be restored.

In 1799 he took part on the Anglo-Prussian invasion of Holland and captured the Batavian Republic Naval squadron. The population did not welcome him back following his demands to be reinstated. He then sold all the ships that had been surrendered to his name to the British Navy. The British and Napoleon recognized the Batavian republic in 1802 and this left an isolated William to spend the remainder of his life squabbling over his pension and assets and confined to ever diminishing estates.

He died in exile in Brunswick but his body was not returned to the family crypt in Delft until April 1958.

References : For the same glass please see:

A Collection of Fine Glass, 1990, p 83. Sheppard and Smith

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