Rare Engraved Staked Vine Opaque Twist Wine Glass c1760


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Heading : Georgian ‘Staked Vine’ Engraved Double Series Opaque Twist Wine Glass
Period : George II – George III
Origin : England
Colour : Clear. excellent grey tone
Bowl : Ogee
Bowl Features : Engraved with an abundant. fruiting vine with leaves and tendrils. supported by a single vertical stake

Stem Features : A pair of thin round threads spiralling with a mullti ply corkscrew
Foot : conical
Pontil : snapped
Glass Type : lead
Size : 14.8 cm tall – 5.2cm diameter bowl – 7.3 cm diameter foot
Condition : Excellent;  a small bubble in the bowl with further inclusions in the foot
Restoration : none
Weight: 123 grams

Notes : The inclusion of a stake in the composition of the engraved image on this glass renders it considerably more scarce than would otherwise be the case; it’s only the fourth such example we have offered for sale since inception; the feature does not. however. seem to impart any particular significance or meaning other than being a rarity in its own right as a decorative schema.

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