A Leviathan Opaque Twist Stem Goblet c1760

Heading : A Very Tall Opaque Twist Stem Goblet c1760
Period : George ii - George III
Origin : England
Colour : Good grey tone
Bowl : Ogee
Stem : A pair of seven ply spiral taped outside a pair of corkscrew threads
Foot : Conical
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  Height 22cm, bowl 9.5 and foot 10.5
Condition : Excellent. The bowl has sagged a little when annealing the highest part of the bowl is at 21.9cm and the lowest is at 21.5cm
Restoration : None
Weight: 581g


This is the largest example that we have offered for sale. The bowl has a 520ml capacity , 9/10th of a pint ! At 22cm it is also the tallest example we have offered for sale. This is a leviathan of a wine glass in every sense, even by modern standards. In the 18th century this will have been considered to be environmentally friendly as it saved wear and tear on the servants or concubine.




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