18th Century Plain Stem Wine Goblet Was £290


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Heading : Very Large Georgian Wine Goblet
Period : George III
Origin : England 1745-1775
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Round funnel 
Stem : Plain
Foot : Conical 
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  21.2 height. 12.2cm dimeter bowl. 12cm diameter base. 
Condition : Excellent 
Restoration : None
Weight: 855g

The price of wine greatly impacted the size of glasses in Georgian England. There’s no point making a giant glass goblet if you can’t afford to fill it up. Clearly that wasn’t a problem when this was made meaning that it comes from before the American War of Independence which was met with a sharp rise in the cost of wine. This holds  a full bottle.

References :

Glass Through the Ages by E. Barrington Haynes Pl. 77 for same shape. The bowl in the glass listed is much larger that the example in Haynes. the biggest we’ve ever seen. 

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Weight1000 g


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