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A Modern Counterfeit Georgian Wine Glass With Folded Foot

Heading : Plain stem Georgian style wine glass
Period : This is modern but purporting to be George II - c1745
Origin : Unknown
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Round funnel
Stem : Plain
Foot : Conical 
Pontil : Snapped 
Glass Type : Lead 
Size : 14.5 cm height, 5.4 cm diameter bowl, 6.8 cm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight: 147 grams

This has most of the attributes of an 18th century wine glass. The observant will notive a few omissions and errors.

Firstly this wine glass lacks any marvering lines on the stem, there are no touch spots or pucella marks in the bowl. The fold in the foot is too perfect. The glass itself is too bright and the wear that exists on the foot has been mechanically applied.

This was made to deceive and thus this glas is a counterfeit, a very good one and the best fake that we have seen in many years.



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