Set of Four Reproduction Georgian Plain-Stem Wine Glasses - 2012

Heading : Set of Four Reproduction Plain-Stem Wine Glasses
Period : 21st century
Origin : Hampshire; England
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Cup-shaped
Stem : Plain Stem with annular collar knop
Foot : Conical and folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  16.8 cm height,  6.4 cm diameter bowl at rim, 8.3 cm diameter foot 
Condition : As new
Restoration : None 
Weight:  970 grams in total

Note : Reproduction pieces, marketed as such by Mark Taylor and David Hill of Georgian Glass Makers; signed and dated 2012

Be very wary of large sets of glasses that are sold as being Georgian. We recently received several calls about a group of six quadruple knopped opaque twist glasses in auction. Upon viewing these were, as anticipated, glasses made by Stuart crystal in the 1940s or 1950s. These will I am sure work their way back into the market as infinitely more plausible single items. If they are too good to be true...


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