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Engraved Lightweight Taper Decanter c1780

Heading : A Georgian taper decanter engraved with a band of tulips and olives
Date :
Period :
George III Anglo- Irish
Origin : P
robably Belfast, Ireland
Colour :
Smokey grey blue hue.
Stopper :
Body :
Tapered shape, multiple inclusions and a 12mm long air bubble
Glass Type : Lead.
Size :   30cm in height to top of stopper
Condition : Good. Two 4-5mm scratches on the body
Restoration : The base of the spigot on the stopper has a bevel. This has been created when being polished
Weight :  450 grams 

With the advent of a free trade agreement glassmaking in Ireland boomed. This was lead predominantly by English capital and English labour. Prior to this glass made in Ireland was not only subject to export duties but it also had to bear additional costs, the duties raised on imported coal to fuel nascent industry.

Most early Irish glass is very lightweight, with good reason. Capitlism. The less material used, the less energy consumed per item produced and the greater the financial return on the taxed energy invested. Basic common sense makes a mockery out of the "perceived wisdom". For example thick stemmed opaque twist wine glasses are Irish and were made prior to the advent of the Free Trade agreement. Capitalism 101 and common sense dictates quite the opposite.

With a free trade agreement, the punitive taxes on energy input costs removed and a mobile and experienced workforce over the water then glass making in Ireland boomed, the quality improved, the weight of items produced could then be increased to compete in more lucrative non-domestic marketplace.

The colour of the glass is nothing more than an indicator as to origin. Smokey blue hues are found in glass made in Sunderland, Liege and elsewhere when coal was used. The colour may also be due to impurities within the lead oxide. The form and lightweight construction are aligned indicators



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