Tunbridge Ware Marquetry Trinket Box With Hinged Lid c1840

Heading : Small Lidded Tunbridge Ware marquetry trinket box with hinged lid 
Date : c1840
Period : Victorian
Origin : Royal Tunbridge Wells, England

Decoration : Central floral mosaic design on lid framed with geometrical banding
Size :  8.2cm x 6cm x 2.8cm
Condition : Very good
Restoration : None
Weight :  40g

The box has a hinged lid with a small turned wooden knob handle which has a minute section missing to the top. The interior of the box has a royal blue paper lining. The base lining is intact and exhibits appropriate wear


An excellent example of the intricate mosaic floral and symmetrical designs typically used by Tunbridge Ware manufacturies throughout the 19th Century. The minute tesserae used to create the patterns which adorned popular items used a myriad of wooden veneers, which when polished highlighted their natural colours.

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