Tunbridge Ware Glovebox Depicting Roses and Dahlia Blooms

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - Glovebox with mosaic depicting Roses and Dahlia blooms
Date : c1870
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells
Decoration : Has a rose-pattern frieze to all four sides around the body; the hinged lid has plain sides and a  geometric frame bounded with a pair of thin keylines. This surrounds a classic Tunbridge Ware floral composition, based on Berlin Wool-work and featuring rose and dahlia blooms within foliage. 
Size : 67mm high - 264mm wide - 99mm deep 
Condition : Very good with regard to tile completeness - there are maybe half a dozen missing pieces from the thin keylines around the frieze border on the 'back" face of the body; extremely slight bumps and bruises to the edges, entirely commensurate with age; there is some almost imperceptible warping to the opposite corners of the lid which has left seven contiguous tesserae marginally displaced - though all present - and a tiny 30mm long gap between the outside of the keyline and the external edging piece; working lock with key. 
Restoration Professionally cleaned and polished
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