Wheel-Engraved Saxon Goblet c 1740

Heading : Wheel-Engraved Saxon Goblet c 1740
Period : Frederick Augustus I / Francis I - c1740
Origin : The Glashütte Glücksburg, Electorate of Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Wheel engraved. See below; there is an elongated tear in the solid base of the bowl
Stem : Inverted baluster.
Stem Features : Slice cutting.
Foot : Folded conical 
Pontil : Snapped 
Glass Type : Soda
Size :  171mm height, 74mm diameter bowl, 83mm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None 
Weight: 151 grams 

References :

Corning collection number: 2005.3.3  and Säschsisches Glas (Gisela Haase - 1988) - images 264/5/6 - page 360

This partially engraved goblet from Saxony in the East of present-day Germany shares some cutting features with neighbouring Bohemian glass from around the same period. There are numerous museum examples and all are attributed to the Glashütte Glücksburg from 1710 to 1730. This glass house may present a lesson to all of us in terms of resource management. It was originally sited due to the availability of large quantities of timber for charcoal production but by 1751 it has to be closed due to shortages of said resource. An Anglo-Prussian army finally laid it to rest when sacking the factory during the Seven Years War of (1756-63).

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