Copper Quart Tankard With Brass Rim c1915

Heading : 20th Century tankard
Date : c1911-1920
Period : George V
Marks : Capacity mark: Quart. Verification mark: GR.
Origin : England
Features : Cylindrical copper body, and stylish terminal handle. Applied bronze rim and foot
Size : 16.2cm tall by 11.1cm diameter at the base
Condition : A few minor dings otherwise very good
Restoration : None
Weight : 921 grams

Additional Information :

The good news is that the quart is still a legal measure in British pubs. Quarts are also highly ergonomic, they reduce total queueing time for a pint by fifity percent.


In 1826 the Imperial Standard was introduced to replace a number of other standards. A verification mark signifies that the measure has been inspected by an official Weights & Measures Inspector and found to be of the correct capacity. From roughly 1879 onwards a uniform style was adopted consisting of a crown, the monarch’s initials (VR, ER or GR) and a number which signifies the location. Capacity marks became a legal requirement in 1836. The presence of such a mark does not mean the item is post-1836 as vessels made before then which remained in use after 1836 were often marked retrospectively. The word Imperial on a measure shows it was made to the new standard and is therefore post-1826.

For more information on verification marks, see: Marks and Markings of Weights and Measures of the British Isles by Carl Ricketts and John Douglas 1996

Such calibrated tankards are usually pewter or polished pewter.

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