Georgian Opaque Twist Wine Glass With Lynn Rings c1760

Heading : Georgian wine glass with Lynn rings
Period : George II / George III - c1760
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Round funnel with four Lynn rings
Stem : Double series opaque twist  a twelve-ply spiral band outside a pair of corkscrew tapes
Foot : Conical 
Pontil : Snapped 
Glass Type : Lead 
Size : 16.0 cm height, 6.2 cm diameter bowl, 7.8 cm diameter foot 
Condition : No chips or cracks. The glass does rock a little.
Restoration : None
Weight: 178 grams 

Reference : 

Glass Through the Ages by E. Barrington Hayes Pl. 88

Old English Glass by Francis Buckley Pg. 7 + 8

Investing in Georgian Glass by Ward Lloyd Pg. 157 (stem type)


Additional Information : Lynn glass is a generic term for 18th glassware which is identified by this sort of horizontal banding. It’s a simply-applied ornamentation, which is also regularly referred to as “Lynn moulding” in spite of actually being a tooled finish rather than one which is moulded in any way.

For more on Lynn glass please see our blog post by Rob  "Lynn glass an 18th century puzzle"

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