An Early 19th Century Cut Glass Water Jug

Heading : Early 19th Century Cut Class Water Jug
Date : 1820 to 1835
Period : George III or William IV
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Neck : Swan neck featuring a dentile notch-cut rim
Body : A band of prism cuts above panel band of fine cut diamonds 
Handle : applied and slice cut with top prunt
Pontil : star cut (thirty two points)
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 140mm tall and 161mm diameter from pouring lip including the handle
Condition : Very good; 1 x 8mm and 1 x 4mm chip to notched rim; two minor grazes and a flaked chip to the prismatic cutting; half a dozen knocked apices to the diamond cut pyramids; minimal nibbles to the roseate base, and a couple of minor imperfections to the handle edges, which also has a very few manufacturing inclusions
Restoration : None
Weight :  635grams

Note :  In the style off - and commensurate with - the work of Apsley Pellatt, but not definitively attributable

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