An Oval 'Harvest Moon' Vase by Siddy Langley

Heading : A Large Oval 'Harvest Moon' Vase by Siddy Langley
Date : 2021
Origin : Devon, England
Bowl Features : Polychrome enamels internally and externally decorated Moonscape vase

Marks :Not signed
Type : Lead art glass
Size : Height 171mm; diameter 225mm at widest point
Condition : Mint
Restoration : None
Weight : 2363 grams

Notes: A harvest moon over Devonian moors is quite evident. What cannot be appreciated without touching this is the texture on the surface of the vase and the depth within the image. When gently illuminated the visual effect is stunning and is every bit as good as any acid cameo landscape by Daum or Galle. This differs from the work of the French masters in that the technique of building up layers is less precise than acid cutting away and as a result the effect is more ethereal.

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