A Tunbridge Ware Single Compartment Tea Caddy c1870

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - Single Compartment Tea Caddy c1870 with Floral Berlin Wool-work motifs
Date : c1870
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Decoration : Rounded and flat-ended lid with Floral Berlin Wool-work style motif set in Golden Satinwood; bounded by a geometric pattern within two sets of three banded and continuous keylines; to the four square edges of the body, a broad floral Wool-work frieze between pairs of banded and continuous keylines; no escutcheon with working key; internally, a lift-out lid sitting on ledged sides, with a narrow geometric border and a small turned handle; original lining paper to the lid, and to the main void.
Size :  14.3 cm wide x 11.5 cm deep x 14.0 cm high
Condition : Excellent; very few missing tesserae; no structural issues and just a few tiny bumps and bruises; the only issue with this piece is that the size of the tesserae seems to be very slightly larger than one normally sees, the mosaic to the lid is a bit on the large size for the area in which it has been set and the lacquer has been lavishly applied, giving the whole a rather imprecise appearance
Restoration : None.The box has been professionally cleaned and polished.
Weight :  424 grams

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