A Tunbridge Ware Pillow-topped Jewellery or Sewing Box with Perspective Cube Pattern c1850

Heading : A Tunbridge Ware Pillow-topped Jewellery or Sewing Box with Perspective Cube Pattern
Date : c1850
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Decoration : Perspective cube pattern is set on a flat panel surround by broad chamfered edges to give a low, pillow-like lid profile; both the cubes and the surrounding floral Berlin Wool-work borders are bounded by three banded and plain keylines; the four concave sides have a narrow floral wool-work band within pairs of banded and plain keylines; lined with the original burgundy silk.
Size :  24.9 cm wide x 15.5 cm deep x 9.1 cm high
Condition : Fair; the rosewood body is largely intact but not solid or entirely complete; the veneer along the back side of the lid has come away from the body, and there is a gap between this and the chamfered lid edge; the wool-work bands show areas of unevenness, with what look like old but rather crude repairs having been undertaken; there is some damage around the keyhole, and linear areas of tile loss notably to the corners; there's a 4 x 23mm sliver missing to a corner of the base, and a smaller piece absent from the opposite angle; the perspective cube pattern is the best feature - using some wonderfully grained and patterned pieces, including one of fabled green oak, but one diamond-shaped piece is bowed and has lost a point; overall this is a nice, functional box with an eye-catching lid, but a critical assessment will find several faults, and the cumulative effect is that it can only be listed as being in fair condition
Restoration : Numerous old repairs to the mosaics with imprecise fills having been applied; two glued chunks to one corner (albeit sanded and lacquered).The box has been professionally cleaned and polished.
Weight :  642 grams

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