Superb Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Rare Recumbent Stag c1860

Heading : Superb Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Recumbent Stag
Date : c1860
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; attributable to Thomas Waterman based on the design of the floral band to the concave sides (see below)

Decoration : flat panel to lid featuring mosaic of a recumbent stag within Golden Satinwood; placed within banded and continuous keylines with the same surrounding a floral band, mounted to a slight curve to give a low, pillow-like profile; rosewood body having four convex sides with a broad floral band within banded and continuous keylines showing roses and oak leaves; raised/founded stickwork escutcheon; to the interior - ledged sides to the main void, all decorated with the original paper; a very fine inset tray, bordered with broad 'piano-banded' edges and consisting of twenty three separate compartments; twelve are empty; two contain pin cushions; two contain needle books; two have lift-out lids on ledged edges with turned stickwork handles; four have raised bases, covered in silk and one lifts out from ledged edges and is silk-covered with a band of tool-pockets to varying sizes.; all compartments lined with the original paper; silk lining appears to be original with the exception of the two needle books which may have been recovered with a very similar material; the lid also silk lined.
Size : 26.9cm wide x 21.7cm deep x 11.2 cm high
Condition : Excellent; expansion cracks to the stag motif and short edges of the lid bands; minimal tile loss throughout and insignificant bumps to faces and edges; the inlay tray and its constituent parts are in exceptional condition and look wonderful, with original needles in the books and to one cushion; the base of the main void has an elongated tear to the paper which may trace a split in the wood, but this is not apparent externally
Restoration : none other than possible recovering to the needle books as above; professionally cleaned and polished
Weight :  1450 grams


Note : the broad band on the concave sides is shown attributed to Waterman (albeit reversed, which may be a printing error) on page 160 of Brian Austen's Tunbridge Ware and Related European Decorative Woodwares (3rd Edn 2001)

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