A Large Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Hever Castle image and Pictorial Panels c1870

Heading : A Large Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Hever Castle image and further pictorial panels.
Date : c1870
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Decoration : Flat central lid panel with mosaic image of Hever Castle set in Golden Satinwood; bounded by two herringbone borders to either side of a short-grained band, separated by four very dark keylines (possibly coromandel); there are four flat, trapezoid side panels set at an angle to create a bevelled lid, with a central band to the same design as the image border running all the way around. to the four square edges of the body, each has the same herringbone border to a rectangular frame; to the front face, there are two small mosaics within banded and continuous keylines each showing a bird; to the end faces, one panel on each with a cornucopia; the keyhole is within a plain, shield-shaped flat escutcheon. The body has ledged short sides, on which sits a tray with twelve compartments; three have lift-off lids with turned handles; two have square herringbone and coromandel designs, and the other has a small floral mosaic within banded and continuous keylines; the lid is lined with red velvet and has a glided metal 'frame' fitted which bears a pressed, braided rope pattern to the sides, between extravagant corner pieces; the body is lined with the original paper.
Size :  33.0 cm wide x 25.6 cm deep x 15.2 cm high
Condition : Very good; very few missing tesserae or losses to the decorated bands (save one resin-filled area 15mm long); the body is for the most part good and clean, but has a number of small bumps and bruises and a pattern of incised, squiggled lines to an area approx 3 x 5cm to the back panel; three corners of the body have been damaged and filled by way of a repair, but small sections of the original veneer are missing; the tray is in good condition, but the internal base of the body has two grain-splits parallel to the short edges, evident in the paper lining as tears; these cracks would be apparent externally were it not for the fact that the outside of the base is covered with a sturdy hessian-type lining - presumed to be original. There is a little damage to the lid-edge immediately above the escutcheon, and the veneers have bulged a little on the rear face, below where the hinges are fitted. 
Restoration : None other than the corner repairs as above.The box has been professionally cleaned and polished.
Weight :  2410 grams

Note: This is a substantial, good-looking box and would have been a very fine thing indeed when pristine; it's worth noting that the mosaic of Hever has been 'flipped over' on a vertical axis, and appears reversed when compared to the normal orientation of similar images - a quirk rather than a fault, though.

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