Georgian Silver Toddy Ladle London 1794 With Queen Anne Silver Shilling

Heading : Georgian Silver Toddy Ladle London 1794
Date : Hallmarked in London 1794 For Peter and Anne Bateman
Period : George III
Origin : London England

Decoration : Twisted baleen handle and a queen Anne 1712 shilling that has been gilded
Size :  Length 34.2 cm,
Condition : The handle is a little bent
Restoration : None
Weight :  44 grams

Perfect for lighting the Christmas pudding before retiring to the inglenook to warm brandy


Please note that only coins that were out of circulation were used to "make weight". It was illegal to use current coinage for anything other than it's intended purpose. If a ladle contains a coin from the reign of Queen Anne it can only have been legally made after her reign ended in 1714.

The other major consideration is the cause for using coinage. Castaing's "Course of the Exchange" provides an almost continuous record of silver prices within London markets. There were huge spikes in the price of silver between 1778 and 1783 that coincide with the Anglo French wars and the latter part of the American revolutionary wars.

During the reign of George III  large quantities of coins form the reign of George II and earlier were melted down or used to "make weight". During times of high silver prices the gauge used by silversmiths was lighter than during low cost periods, coins were added to give balance and to increase total weight.

Do not be deceived by foolish assertions that silver items may be dated from a coin used to make weight or decorate. Only assay office date letters may be used


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