18th Century Silver Toddy Ladle with George II 1758 Shilling

Heading : 18th century silver toddy ladle with George II 1758 shilling
Date : 18th century
Period : George II
Origin : England

Decoration : Barleytwist handle. B above T*S engraved on the bowl.
Size :  Length 33cm
Condition : Excellent
Restoration :None
Weight :  Gross: 44 grams

Toddy or punch ladles were a staple of 18th century households. Due to the expense of silver, the handles were made from other materials, most commonly baleen.  Baleen is not, as many people believe whale bone, but part of a whale's filtration system and more akin to human hair.  When still wet it can be moulded, twisted and then dried in that position.

The addition of coins into the bowls was also due to the cost of silver.  Maker's started to add coins to  act as a counterweight to handle to give balance.


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